Bicycle and Foot Patrol Units

This system is specifically designed for residential neighbourhood security. It is only effective if enough residents in the area contribute to the project. The Security Officer will conduct regular and continuous visible foot or bicycle patrols of the area. All contributing members will have a MANTRAC patrol point installed at their premises and the Security Officer will be required to activate the MANTRAC patrol system every time he patrols the members premises. The Security Officers will also be able to call upon the Response Unit in the event of emergencies. These visible patrols are a strategy that has proven itself in deterring criminal activity and creating cleaner and safer neighbourhoods. The cost for members will depend on the number of participants and the size of the area to be covered. We recommend an area of no more than1 km squared per PatroI Officer.


Crime Prevention PatroI Unit

This system has been developed for residences and blocks of flats as a cost effective alternative to 24 hour static guarding. The Crime Prevention PatroI Unit will conduct regular PRO-ACTIVE patrols of your premises. We will install the MANTRAC patrol system at your premises and the Patrol Unit will be required to activate the MANTRAC patrol system every time an inspection of the premises is carried out. Our clients will be able to call upon our Response Unit in the event of any emergencies or to deal with security problems that may occur.


Our Security Officers are backed up by a 24-hour response unit, which they may call upon to assist them to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities. Our Response Unit also conducts PRO ACTIVE crime prevention patrols of our client's premises and random site inspections to monitor our Security Officers and to evaluate the security status of the premises at any given time


Talon Security also invests in the latest technologies in order to monitor our Security Officers on site. The MAN-TRAC system monitors the alertness of Security Officers as well as the frequency and route of patrols conducted by the Security Officers. Any deviations are automatically recorded and corrective action is taken immediately. A detailed history report of patrols conducted is available to our clients on request. This system gives added value to the service we provide and an increased level of security for our clients at No Extra Charge.

Real time control systems are available at additional costs.


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